Ways to Improve Google My Business and Maps Rankings 2018

People who have businesses, big or small, often look for ways to boost their search engine rankings. These days, businesspersons can now take advantage of methods they can employ on their web pages so the sites will be more prominent in search results.

One means for a better ranking is Google My Business that is a dashboard designed for taking care of listings. Similar to Google Maps SEO tips, Google My business tricks is a fundamental part of local SEO.

At Jazz Up, we are not only knowledgeable of these techniques, but we apply it to all our services. As the leading digital marketing company in Australia, we see to it that your business significantly ranks higher as we implement tailor-fit strategies for your business.

Improve Your Google My Business Listing

Claiming your listing with your authentic business name is a good place to start if you want to improve My Business. Following this, you can then employ some of these techniques to make that particular dashboard a successful venture. Remember that all items you add should be aligned with data you input on your webpage. If you provide it with the wrong information, you can damage the listing and even lead to breaking your current ranking.

• Select an appropriate, precise category if you can
• Give necessary information—the more relevant info, the better
• Make sure to check your phone number
• Evaluate photos and check if they are still relevant
• Examine your opening times and always see to it that you take note of holidays
• Select reputable review sites, business listings, directories and produce citations on those areas
• Make use of Schema.org information to keep your listing associated with your webpage
• Make sure to keep all information on the listing updated

It is important to keep regular checks on your listing so you can instantly correct errors or give updates. You have to keep track of reviews and make sure that everything is active in there. Take the effort to supervise your listing, and soon enough you will see some definite improvements on your Google My Business ranking. They might not be instantaneous, but your effort will pay off eventually.

Google Maps High Ranking Tips

Back then, Google Maps rankings are dependent on factors like industry categories and vicinity however in these times, Google has finally decided to branch out and includes other aspects like calculations of the rankings. For businesspersons who tend small-medium businesses, this is a huge plus.

There are ways you can use on how to rank higher on Google Maps and promote your business or services there. One is to improve your Google My Business listing which was discussed earlier. Next, you must get Google reviews because user reviews provide another layer of good reputation to services and businesses.

Google has noticed this and thus have ranked businesses with lots of good reviews on Google Maps. Remember though that once you open your business for reviews, you will not have any control or say over what customers will say about your business. Your reviews will be a mix of good, bad and neutral.

Optimizing your listing description is also a good tip. Google Maps listing often have character limits. Instead of providing a redundant description, you must make use of local SEO keywords, which will depict your business. For example “SEO specialist with great rates” work better compared to “search engine specialist presenting excellent service.”

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