SMS Marketing Strategies for Successful Campaigns

Creating a successful SMS marketing campaign can be a daunting task for some – particularly, as mobile marketing is still considered relatively new in the dynamic digital landscape. Although, SMS has been around since decades, SMS marketing has never been looked so alluring because of the continuously growing prospects in innovation. In fact, it’s the simplicity of SMS that often caused it to be overlooked by most marketers thus lacking in competition, and making it a valuable source for marketing and advertising.

Another factor is that SMS is a trusted and widely used feature of all kinds of mobile devices and nearly 100% of all devices are SMS enabled. In fact, in a world where mobile apps are an ever-increasing trend, however, we have only reached about 65% of Smartphone usage in the United States. Unlike other marketing platforms, implementing SMS for marketing purposes is quite simple, with no design issues and it’s easy to track and measure. In addition to being widely reachable and immediacy, SMS is a very affordable option and offers amazing return on investment for marketers.

Ingenious marketers and campaigners are using SMS marketing technique to boost conversion rates, foster loyalty, and build lifelong customer relationships. So if you want a leg up in your business and get noticeable amongst your audience then leverage this brilliantly powerful channel. Cutting the preamble short, let’s dive into the brief discussion concerning the vitally paramount SMS marketing strategies:

Keep the message to-the-point and sweet:

As indicated by the basic concept behind SMS (Short Messaging Service), your message should be precise, which comprise of not more than 160 characters. Thus providing an intimate way to connect to a broader demographic and motivating them to respond positively.

Personalize the text:

Personalizing the texts is an effective way as it attracts and compels customers to respond to a text. For instance when a text is addressed with a name then customers are more likely to respond.

Incorporate contests:

As part of SMS marketing strategy, inclusion of contests for customers is recommended to keep the interest alive – by including your website or social media links thus enticing them to click on the links.

Communicate valuable offerings:

It is vital to compel customers because all they seek are valuable offers. So ensure that the SMS you send out creates an irresistible offer, which is hard to put down. Imagine yourself in the same scenario, and ask yourself is this compelling enough to encourage your customers to contact or visit your company? The customers never want an offer that is worthless and not beneficial from their favorite brand.

Start a text with an offer and keep it exclusive:

SMS marketing is built for the busy audience so it must be direct and to-the-point as to not divert them away.  Hence, placing an attractive offer at the beginning of a text will grab their maximum attention. Also ensure keeping the offer exclusive by making the reader feel special and valued.

Engage a younger audience:

Another effective strategy for SMS marketing is to target younger demographic as they are more active in regard to texting, and therefore have a quicker response time.

Create a sense of urgency:

Creating a sense of urgency amongst the audience will reap quicker responses. More effective is when an offer is associated with an expiry date thus enticing customers to respond faster.

Include a call-to-action:

Why call-to-action is an important element? Because it leads the customers to the sales section, therefore a clear and simple call-to-action will spring them into action.

Stating the brand name:

Including the brand name in the text message allows the receiver to know the location of the text. This approach is good for promoting brand image amongst the targeted audience.

Use the texts as connections to social media:

When sending texts to the customers, it’s beneficial to promote any contests and sweepstakes offered on your social media channels. Hence, by means of texts one can engage the customers and direct them to social networks connected to your brand.

 Take short surveys:

It’s an excellent strategy to involve your customer’s perspective regarding various things – launching of a new product or idea or even if one should create a business page on a new social media platform. After having the survey results, you can send them to the customers and direct your subscribers to it.

Timing matters:

When sending a text, aim for the times when your customers won’t be busy. As for instance, before or after work hours or during lunch hours are generally the idyllic times. Some businesses related to food industry opt for lunch or dinner times to grab attention of their audience, and stats suggest 5 out of 10 persons will certainly visit the restaurant.

Retail SMS marketing plan:

Implementing a smart retail SMS marketing plan is a good strategy in captivating the audience and hooking them to your brand. As well as, other exclusive offers can be sent to the customer’s mobile, to keep them drawn to your business.

Promote actionable local advertising:

Adding an SMS short code with a keyword when advertising in the local newspaper or in the text message – have proved to be catchy in drawing attention of the customers. As a matter of fact, these far-reaching local advertising platforms have proven to be constructive in brining a larger audience.

In conclusion, SMS marketing campaign strategy is rapidly increasing and in popularity. The sole reason for that is because consumers today are more responsive to mobile communications as they carry their phones with them 24/7. Now, it’s easy to connect with customers whenever and wherever they are in the world, without spiking up the costs.

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