In an ever-changing game of online business, one needs to stay updated in order to keep up. Technology and design styles change from time to time and so is the focus of businesses. Therefore it is of utmost importance that a company’s website syncs with the changes in business to yield high results on investments.  When considering an effective website design, think not just about its form, but also about its function. As Steve Jobs said; ‘design is not about what it looks like or feels like, but the design is about how it works.

The main strategy behind website redesigning is to improve user experience and to reach specific business goals, which in turn yield results. You might want to take a look of these website redesign strategy templates. Redesigning is not only presented in terms of looks, but also in terms of functionality.


  1. A website representing a brand’s image and values:

Your company’s website is a window to your brand, its values, and the services it provides. So having an updated website that has all these essential elements, sends a strong message – of being potentially strong, capable of growing, forward-thinking, and is ready to take on new customers. Revamping an existing website so that it portrays modern and current trends then your website is more likely to engage your audience and leave a strong impression.

Website Represents your brand's image

Nonetheless, it is important that when you redesign your website, it should perfectly fit your brand, together with complete focus on the design’s visual characteristic that is the ‘look’ and user experience that is the ‘feel’ of it.

Having said that, lets include an example here; a Web Solutions Company wanted to transform their product-based website by giving it a more consultative touch so they made their new design was more impactful by including lifestyle imagery, case studies, industries served, testimonials, and value-based messaging instead of a just adding a new ‘consulting’ page. Hence, they were successful in attracting more customers by boosting their visual design.

  1. Staying in the cut-throat competition:

With the birth of latest technological innovations and their implementation in businesses; surviving in today’s technology-driven E-commerce world is becoming harder than ever. So in order to rise above your competitors and gain an edge in your business then redesigning your existing website might be the wise bet.

Redesigning a website to make it up to the current standard or working on a strategy for a new website to create a great user experience; is a good strategy. However, it doesn’t always increase the targeted traffic to your website. Nevertheless, making a change to your website will substantially improve your ranking on search engines, and it might even push your competitors down on the searches.

  1. Updating the obsolete website technology:

New Content Management Systems (CMS), stronger protection against security breach, implementation of updated hacking protocols, and the inclusion of widgets such as shopping cart – upgrading or including these tools when recreating your website, has proven to be highly effective.

Content Management System

Having a contemporary CMS allows the website administrators to easily update the website with content and tools. Moreover, having a stronger security prevents a website from any kind of malware attack. If your website is loaded with every single required tech but the site speed is slowing down or some of the tools aren’t working correctly so that means you need to upgrade your third-party tools in terms of function and design.

  1. Website’s design is antiquated:

If your website is old and outdated then it will not create a good first impression for the visitors. As it only needs a few brief seconds to get the user’s attention and to provide enough value-added quality in order to engage them.

Together with the provided services, having an effective and captivating website design is the only thing that can turn your visitors into customers. In addition to that, a particular website design reflects your business image so it is vital to portray a professional, fresh and contemporary look for your website.

  1. Easy navigation and easier to use website design:

Providing an uncomplicated and easier to use navigation methods to the visitors is the website redesign’s best practice in terms of SEO as contemplated by search engines. This allows visitors to not get lost and quickly direct them to their desired section or page. Furthermore, including little trails of navigation, allows one to reach back to the starting page without any difficulty.

It is best to keep in mind your priority; that is your target customers. For that purpose, you need to make strategies for website redesigning and the best strategy would be to use UX (user experience) design, which will let you redesign a website without losing SEO. UX focuses on how was the targeted user’s experience of the website; includes convenience, the ease with which to use a site and any positive feelings the user felt after interacting with the company through their website.

  1. Going in with mobile-friendly design:

In this fast-paced world, think about mobility and ease as your companions for website setup. This is so because about 30% of website visits come from mobile devices, which mean to get into the game of website traffic and online results, one needs to find identifiable steps for website redesigning to score well. Mobile users expect a website to be fast and easy and to have mobile-friendly features; such as quick pay or one-click dialing. So, if you are only offering a desktop version of your website, you would be losing a great deal of business because of frustration and difficult access of the site, from the users’ side.

Mobile Responsive Webdesign

Website redesigning can also earn you a better place than your competitors in Google ranking search results. This is because, Google has started applying ‘mobile-first indexing’ feature, which means mobile-friendliness of the site is now one of the factors for better ranking in search results. After your website redesigning is completed, you can test your site for mobile-friendliness on ‘Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test’ to see whether it is up to par or not.

  1. For the launch of a new product or service:

It is not unusual to get in a situation where a new product or a service of any company cannot be showcased completely in a website; such counters require website redesigning with steps and strategies to prioritize new goals.

If a current website cannot fit your new product or a service properly on the site, then that means it is in need of a makeover.  For that purpose, focus on features that are highly recommended for showcasing your new service or product and redesign your website based on your current sales target.

  1. Your website is not result oriented:

No matter how stunning your website looks, it is useless for your business if it does not deliver the results it is supposed to. For example, if your website is not gaining attraction, engaging visitors in your products or if it is not converted or optimized to your business goals, then it isn’t a good fit for your company.

Website redesigning strategies for a functional and effective website depends on your aim. That means you should have in mind the identifiable needs that you want your website to accomplish.

  1. To refresh your marketing plans :

A great deal of area in your website belongs to marketing; whether it’s a conversation page, SEO, content marketing or social media marketing; we need to have certain tools in order to market our products and services on the website and to gain traffic.

Refresh Your Marketing Plan

Redesigning steps for a website depends on the area of marketing that you will want to refresh. For example, if you are planning on making big changes to content production for your website, a site makeover that allows easy access to content, eBooks or posts on your website would a better idea. Moreover, ask yourself these questions: does your content provide call-to-action? Or can the search engines find your content?

  1. New website for new business aim:

It is true that with time there could be a change in business focus. With shifts in focus, it would be a good call to redesign websites to comply with the recent business changes. New technology and strategies can help people change their business focus quickly and easily and they can help get diversity as well.

New Business Aim

Businesses thrive well when they constantly seek improvements and updates for online platforms, such as their websites. When website redesigning incorporates new ideas and technology, it can help your business to keep up with your industry. Websites should be measured, improved and enhanced regularly to align with changing business focuses.

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