Pay Per Click (PPC) – Google Adword

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is specific, focus and targeted online marketing stream provided it is done correctly to produce desired results, it will instantly put you on top of Google Searches and definitely increase your sales for a small investment “Guaranteed”.

Loads of Leads, lots of engagements results more sales is a simple way of describing PPC. You pay an amount you prefer for a keyword that will bring you right at the top with search engine searches such as Google or Bing…

Pay Per Click Management Services

We are professional and experienced across a range of pay per click services, including Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo PPC. Our Digital Media managers have extensive rich experience when it comes to making PPC work for a wide variety of businesses. We can make PPC management work for you, and have many happy and profitable clients for you.

We will endeavor to reduce your pay per click spending, while increasing the results. We can make PPC more efficient to reduce your cost per lead. Every customer is assigned an experienced campaign manager, who will get to know your business and be able to recommend the most suitable PPC campaign strategies to increase your sales.

All of these great services are offered for a set monthly admin fee plus your PPC campaign cost, making things easier for your marketing budget. You can trust us to only recommend the necessary PPC spend for your business, as we do not take a percentage, we have no interest in increasing your spend unnecessarily.

Google Display Network

This network will let you to put your products & services ads on a number of websites and blogs on the Internet you can select sites that are similar to the products or services you are offering.

This type of advertising ensures customers who are likely to be interested in your offer, which will result in a better ROI. The Google Display Network caters for just about any type of advertisement whether it is just text, image, video, or interactive.

A kind of flexibility caters for a very wide range of businesses across a vast number of different industries, from Beautician to Doctors and all.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is another possible way of promoting your business on Google. Whilst Google’s search, your products will be displayed alongside your website’s search results, potential customers can see your products before visiting your website which adds another layer for customers to visit your website.

Your products can be tagged to the specific Google Shopping search function as well, in the search results when potential customers are looking to purchase a specific product. Your product ads can have information such as a title, price, promotional message and your business information, as well as an logo or product image.

Google Remarketing

Remarketing is a most clever way to ensure the visitors or customers of your website continues to see what they were looking at your website on to other websites they might visit, this way they stay engaged with those products or services in which they have shown interest in your business. By displaying your customers with relevant advertisements on a regular basis, your products and services will be on their mind when the time comes for them to make a decision. Google Remarketing also allows you to upsell or cross-sell products to your clients who have made kind of similar purchases in the past.

Google Remarketing power to reaches individuals quite a few times a month, week or a day. It can be combined with other marketing methods, allowing you to reach very specific customers for a better conversion rate and ROI.


YouTube Advertising is an effective way of marketing; you only pay when you get a hit by someone to watch your video. Generally customers who are interested in your products and services will only watch your video; hence you are not wasting money. In a Nutt Shell you only pay when someone clicks and begins to watch your video ad.

3D Animated videos offered by us for very specific reasons, power point presentations are now slowing down and trend nowadays is 3D Animation. Study shows that the people are more likely to understand quickly if they see a video rather than a presentation.

YouTube advertising also allows you to refine your target market, depending on where customers are located and whatever they are interested in. This kind of advertising reaches customers across a number of different devices, like mobile, iPad’s, Tablets etc. Almost 25% of YouTube views with a mobile, this is a kind of your target customers that you just can’t ignore.

YouTube Partner Videos

You would have noticed as you appear to watch any video, you get to see a commercial which you can’t skip for at least 5 seconds normally, well this is called YouTube partner video marketing. You only pay when anyone watches min 15 seconds of your advertisement.

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