Local SEO Guide for Small Business 2018: The Complete Guide

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The year 2018 is here and hopefully, you are off to a good start. This is another year of new trends on the SEO front, so it is time to check out what the authorities have been saying about the current SEO climate.

In the world of businesses and search engine rankings, small companies often have a hard time acquiring a higher rank due to being outshined by larger corporations and chain companies. If you want to improve local rankings for your small business, you need to seek out people to help you in such areas.

It is for this reason why we at Jazz Up are doing our best to help to help small and medium businesses carve a niche for themselves in the online landscape. We utilize different and modern techniques to help make your strategies competitive and efficient.

Here is a small guide to methods that you can apply to boost your ranking.


  1. Get your links from local resources

If you want local SEO optimization to get going, you need to acquire good links. Not just ordinary links but links from local sources. You can purchase links from resident newspapers. Official ages of your choice local dailies give a great collection of information sources using news stories and articles. If you get in contact with local publications at home, this can get your business a mention and have it linked from a correlated repost.

You can also work with official web pages of your local universities or colleges. Your business or service might get a feature from the marketing department of those sites.

  1. Improve your website’s structure

Keep in mind to keep the site as fuss-free and dynamic so bots from search engines will be able to discover, crawl and index pages from your website easily. Do not get a lengthy URL for your site and guarantee that every page can be reached from the homepage. The URL name should correspond or in harmony with the structure of the site. The internal links and relevant pages must be free from errors.

It would also be good if you employ items like RSS feeds, XML Sitemap 6 and Schema to allow snippets each time the site or its content shows up in the SERPs.

  1. Persuade customers to leave reviews

Reviews are a huge part of the local SEO guide on higher search engine rankings. Hence, make sure to convince customers to leave reviews on your services or products in well-known review sites. Most customers are often accommodating though so no worries. It is crucial for businesspersons to be hands-on and they must guarantee to prompt customers to give you reviews most particularly returning customers.

  1. Reconsider the keyword approaches you have applied

It is now the time for you to do an about-face on your keyword schemes and broaden it. The Near Me and voice searches should be optimized now to help you control those developing factors. Focus on long-tail keywords that correspond to voice searches that are articulated instead of being jotted down.

  1. The presence of a consistent Name, Address and Phone (NAP) in your listing is necessary

When it comes to local SEO optimization, your NAP is crucial information. It must constantly be listed on all of your directory pages and web properties online. Consistency when it comes to the NAP is essential to make crawlers from search engines index your business data accurately.

  1. Focus on the mobile-friendly aspect

Expand your audience from desktop users to mobile users. Mobile optimization engages changing the design of your webpage, its loading speed, and site structure so mobile user UX will be accommodated and made satisfying. Do not attempt to block out JavaScript or CSS since Googlebot’s Smartphone requires information from these items. Your meta descriptions and title tags should have search-specific keywords as well so it will do well on the SERPs.

Do not even think of using pop-ups on the design or make use of Flash because pop-ups dominate mobile screens and iPhones are not Flash-friendly just yet. Furthermore, it is better if your streamline your fields for a more satisfying UX.

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