How to Improve Your Website’s UX in 2018

These days, if you want your business to boom, making a website for it is a necessity. An official site for businesses is an effective means of promoting and making them recognized. The site serves as a primary source of information for your business online thus, it is essential that you produce a site that has all the goods on it to make your regular customers come back and attract new ones.

If you want to expand and heighten user engagement with your site, the customers must be provided with a great UX or Unique Experience. Web design and UX techniques come and go through, hence we have here some helpful tips on how to improve your website’s UX in 2018.


  1. Create nice, streamlined headlines

The headline you provide must first create a connection with a customer. The content should have the things that customers need. Remember to put in keywords for the message of your intended audience. Incorporating keywords not only pull in customers but they also provide sites their ranking in search engines. Search engines give priority to headlines so inputting keywords on it could help sites rank well. Select an appropriate headline and present it correctly to give your website a higher ranking.


  1. Do not highlight features, products and services excessively

Stop yourself from putting too much emphasis on your business’ products or services. Instead, make sure to state and present to possible customers how those products and services will become the solution to their problems. Customers already have an idea of what they want however they want to know more in-depth material about the products.


  1. Improve page loading time

Slow internet connections are a bummer, however a webpage that lags or has a slow loading time is even more bothersome to deal with. When it comes to website user experience best practices mean a great web hosting server. If the webpage takes its sweet time to load, customers could get frustrated and move on to your competition’s site. Remember to see which web hosting server has the best provisions for your webpage so it will be up to snuff. If you use WordPress, you can make use of guides that can help you enhance the loading time of your site.


  1. Power up your website security

You want your customers to have the best time using your site and this means you need to amp up the security too. Customers need a guarantee of the safety of their transaction details which are saved on the site. If your webpage has excellent web security, your customer will be assured that their personal information will be in safe hands.


  1. Make the site more mobile-friendly

These days, a lot of people surf the ‘net through their smartphones. Thus another factor you need for your website improvement plan is making it more mobile-friendly. Make sure to retain the quality of your page while incorporating a responsive design. There are testing tools now made widely available so you can evaluate the responsiveness of the design.


  1. Steer clear of pop-ups for the site’s mobile version

Businesses should take note of the usability of their site for mobile users. While scrolling options and the size of the text matter, there are certain items that you need to avoid putting in the site’s mobile version. Pop-ups for instance can frustrate customers because they often take over the screen, can be a pain to close and it can lead customers to just instead go to competitor sites.


  1. Make sure the design of the site is inclusive

Do you want to know what will help to improve website design? Go for an accessible or inclusive design. This means the website can be used by everyone, even those who are physically, auditory or visually-impaired. Make use of excellent, illustrative ALT texts for pictures so users who are visually-impaired and use screen readers can comprehend what the pictures display. You can also provide decipherable subtitles to videos and guarantee that the pages of your site are presented and work in an expected manner.

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