Most Important SEO Ranking Factors 2018


Every year, the methods and rules for search engine optimization undergo significant changes. What works this year will not be applicable next year. Search engines often take the effort to adjust and improve search result quality, so this means SEO ranking factors undergo changes as well. To spruce up your site’s ranking in today’s popular search engines, you need to check out these tips.

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  1. Take note of structured data

What is structured data? This is a means of configuring HTML that makes use of a particular vocabulary which conveys search engines how to decode content and how to present it in the SERPs. Structured data allows the enhancement of listings in some ways from local packs, snippets down to Knowledge Panels. Snippets can amplify the click-through rate or CTR of listings by 30%. There had been instances where this method was applied where it showed an apparent increase in clicks boost ranking.

There’s a good number of structured data formats that you can use like, which a lot of SEO specialists employ. Some guides can show you how to do it and many who have tried it said Schema is a feasible means to learn all about structured data.


  1. Improve your content

Two crucial factors contribute to a site’s overall ranking in search engines like Google. Anyone can put content on their site however you have to make sure your content is useful so it will rank well. Content must have relevance, should be written well and inclusive. Furthermore, the addition of images that have been optimized will fare well too.

Content quality can also have an impact on other smaller Google ranking factors from bounce rates down to click-through rates. More quality means more people will take the time to visit your page and linger around.

Many suggest long-form content is the way to go since it comes with lots of information regarding the subject close at hand compared to articles or short pages. However, it does not mean you have to supplement your content with inappropriate words just to fill and expand it. You can try opening up a smaller number of topics with more significant details. You can also look for any content problems on the site that exist and correct them.


  1. Pay attention to the links you supplement

Apart from content, quality links are something that should be up on your webpage as well. Back in the day, having plenty of backlinks was the order of the day. However, you now have to mind other aspects too like authority and diversity of links plus substantial volumes of it.

If you want to draw in excellent backlinks, make sure that you have high-quality content covered. If you want to excel in searches, you need to acquire lots of links from a selection of reliable domains. Create content that people want to know about and actually need that’s worth talking about and sharing.

Steer clear of spammy links since those coming from sites of low quality can tarnish your ranking and may even lead to unfortunate consequences.


  1. Make the site more mobile-friendly

Search engines these days are bent on making their indexes even more mobile-user friendly. Thus, details like page load speed and mobile User Experience or UX are aspects that you need to know about and focus on. Websites that linger on and refuse to load properly can be a bummer and can put off potential visitors or customers. Mediocre UX is attributed to a slew of factors from weak HTML to images that will not resize.

You can slow down mobile load times by downsizing code, decreasing redirects and compressing images on the site. Keeping away from Flash will also help because iPhones are not Flash-ready just yet. You can test how mobile-friendly your site is by employing Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test then take cues where to start improvements.

Employing these methods mean you need to go over them regularly and check for errors so you can fix them ASAP. Remember, you are putting together a formidable configuration that will help augment the SEO of your website. Those mentioned above are the SEO ranking factors 2018 that you need to study and apply.

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