How To Fight Against Four Actions That Affect Content Marketing

Human’s behavior and interest are changing as per the world. With various of new formats, technologies, and platforms, it can be a bad call for the content writers as they are bound to their content writing strategies and are not sure about how to adapt the alway’s changing digital era.
These four actions affect content marketing, but not to worry as there is always an intelligent solution to maintain audience interest and keep your content marketing activity as relevant as possible.

1. Use Of Mobile

Intelligent marketers know where their audience is, and Australians are frequently accessing content through mobile. 21 % of Australians is mobile-only internet users without a fixed connection to the web at home. Viewing content on mobile is a very distinctive experience than a desktop or laptop. If you haven’t thought about the mobile-only audience, then you are missing out on a huge audience.

The solution: Commit a portion of your means to create mobile-friendly content.

As we have encountered the massive success of BuzzFeed’s with its Tasty yet quick cooking videos shows how a mobile-first strategy can be advantageous. The videos are made for Facebook: snappy, short and watchable without sound, using the format of auto-play video with mute as the default. Instead of making a video of regular Facebook style sit on Facebook, BuzzFeed creates videos with Facebook user behaviors as the base.

2. Activity On Multi-Screen

instead of watching television for a few hours every night, Australians prefer to access Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. 75% of Australians aged 16 and over have reached the internet while watching television. People also look for various information on their phone and then switch on a desktop or laptop to proceed their research or vice versa. People’s attentions are split across multiple devices, so reaching your audience in a significant way is more complicated than the traditional advertising approach for marketing.

The solution: Create a smooth experience across all marketing assets, despite whether it’s digital or above-the-line advertising. Make your mobile experience reflect your desktop experience. If the UX across all channels is streamlined then, your user will have a significant brand connection.

By using Facebook Custom Audiences option, you’ll get to retarget content to Facebook users who have visited your site. You can match visitors to your site on laptop or desktop and cater them content in their newsfeed on mobile, tackling the cross-device division.

3. Ad Blocking

The ad blocking was the first audience behavior that took a wave at digital advertising effectiveness. However, the growth of ad-blocking software has left the advertising industry struggling. If ads banners linking to your brand’s website are blocked or ignored by the visitors then how can you maintain traffic of the site?

The solution: By using content to draw the attention of the right audience rather than banner ads. Custom native content is a method to build brand awareness and encourage new fans by leading users to a site when they are already viewing the content. A banner ad doesn’t give precision to a reader, but a custom native article do– particularly when the topic, publisher, and performance are all up to standards. A typical example is Netflix has partnered with The Atlantic, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal to create good native online experiences that display and promote the latest trend.

4. Shortening attention spans

The people of today are experiencing fading concentration levels, with a normal attention span of eight seconds – less than a goldfish. We are quick to pass judgment on things and overlook what we think is not necessary thanks to the social media and the infinite scroll of the newsfeed. The average person picks up their smartphones or other devices 1500 times a week, So how can one market to the viewers that might just scroll or click to the next animal video on the internet?

The Solution: Truly appealing content is the best way to knock the attention-span drop. If a reader is engaged in the content, they will either commit to reading it or visit back whenever they have time. Make your UX straightforward and easy to operate. And if you create videos, consider making a 15-second teaser increase interest before publishing the full-length version. Make sure the first eight seconds are attention-grabbing and get the basic message across early.

If your marketing techniques are not as productive as they used to be, think outside the box. There are creative solutions to approach your audience and give them appropriate content in the right place, time and format. We are one of the notable Content Writing services company in Sydney. With the help of our Content Writing Services specialist, Jazzup Australia yields its services to customers all across the world.

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