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Ecommerce or E shop is buying and selling of products and services online via a website.

Online E Commerce Website makes it much more convenient and easy to reach many customers. This is possible when you have a website and use the tools to help drive the traffic to your website to boost sales.

Companies cannot ignore and let go huge customers by not being online, thus an efficient, appealing and organized web store is a must for them. The stores save time and pull in a lot of traffic and revenue.



Research reveals over 90% physical 9 – 5 stores must have either a normal or an ecommerce website to support their business these days, without this businesses likely to miss out on good amount of business.

Online presence not only create and provide an opportunity to earn more business but also provide a great marketing, continuous support of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM), your business online presence provide customers an opportunity to find all about you before they either make a purchase online or get keen enough to visit your in store.

Most consumers do their Google searches before they make their decision to make a purchase, online presence is must for all the businesses to ensure when anyone searches the products or services your business has to offer, your business must appear in front of the customer.

Setting up an ecommerce website

You should consider some basics of ecommerce to help you get started…

Ecommerce has a significant impact on the way many businesses operate nowadays. Customers can buy almost anything online at anytime they can. With the enormous demand for online shopping, more and more businesses are making the move to online.

Benefits of ecommerce for your business

Ecommerce provides a huge range of benefits for businesses that are otherwise unavailable in a standard store such as:

  • Expand into new markets – selling online provides an opportunity for your business to expand your market reach nationally and even globally.
  • Low Cost – selling your products and services online is a smart way to maximize your reach and keep your costs low, as there is no rent to pay for physical store or extra staff to pay.
  • Providing convenience to your customers while increasing sales –your business is open always 24/7, providing consumers an opportunity to buy a product or service whenever they can from the comfort of their work or home. This can definitely increase your sales and achieve more business rather than if you were just a 9-5 typical physical store that relies on foot traffic, local marketing or word of mouth.
  • Increasing customer engagement – selling online provides business owners and operators an opportunity to understand their customers buying preferences and interests. This gives you a chance to tailor your products and services to suit customer, improving customer behavior knowledge and keeping relationship with customers would result increasing sales.
Online Shopping Process

Online shopping process

Online shopping follow a process just like shopping at a physical store:

  1. Customers enter an online store.
  2. Browse products or services on offer.
  3. Select the items they are interested to purchase.
  4. Place those items in a shopping cart.
  5. Proceed to the ‘checkout’.
  6. Choose delivery of the products or services.
  7. Pay for the cart with the preferred payment method.


Your ecommerce to your customers

You should detail out the features of the products and services, which are not too much to read but enough to excite and keen customers.

You should make the entire process of online shopping as easy as possible. The easiest is the experience; the more likely users are to place an order.

Here are few things to consider:

  • Provide detailed information about the product and delivery process.
  • Allow users to make purchases easily.
  • Do not collect any personal information that you won’t need.
  • Provide a quick and advanced site search feature.
Custom Ecommerce web development

Our Offer

Jazz up is a leading online digital marketing, design and development company that builds Custom responsive websites in Sydney for its Australian and Global customers. You are just one call away from the highly lucrative website or an E Commerce Solution because we have the perfect knowledge and the best skilled development team in Sydney.

Sell wholesale

If you don’t believe an online ecommerce website is an answer for more business in your situation then simply be our wholesaler, we can create and run an online store under your brand or banner and simply give you orders at a wholesale rates.

You just simply pack and ship your orders you will receive via email or through the portal.

If you are just a service provider than you will also receive your set appointments as above for services you are offering at a wholesale set rates and we will take care of full website and its marketing to generate business.

Either way you are a winner with more business!

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