Discover Top Web Design Trends for 2018

The year 2017 in terms of web design was packed to the gills with micro-interactions, chatbots, bespoke graphics and web animations. This is a new year though, so the latter graphic and web design trends that we have seen last year will soon expand and make their way more into the mainstream. Here are some web design methods that we think will be 100% hot this year.

  1. Brutalism

Brutalism is straightforward, purposeful and raw—very different from traditional web design. It takes away the foundations of standard web design from menu navigation down to headers and footers. It borrows from graphic design and brutalist architecture which highlights structures with larger slabs of naked concrete.

Thus web designers who use this style often show display pages which have a raw feel to them. While this is a concept that gives an “acquired taste” impression, this new trend is seen as a fresh take and a great reaction to conventional design practices.

  1. Interactive site content

Web design trends 2018 will not be complete without more interactive content on websites. Web users are often into the idea of having a more personalized and fun experience with their favorite brands online. If you want people to come back often, you can supplement your site’s content with fun items like games, quizzes or polls. Consumers love the idea of inputting their views on things so making content more interactive is a great factor in drawing more consumers to your site.

  1. Animation and illustration

Sure, these items have been used by plenty of web designers since the Internet’s Stone Age, however because of technology and new methods, illustrations and animations do get upgrades and at this time, more entertaining, advanced and spectacular-looking. These factors supplement site content with liveliness and good fun.

One advantage of illustrations is that they are pretty versatile—images can be of any color, size or style and they can be employed in different designs without any problems. Animation on the other hand is an effective method for a brand to tell their story through engaging content. For example, the backgrounds, menu and the brand emblem can be animated.

  1. WebVR

These days, more and more content producers are shifting towards WebVR usage. WebVR provides several advantages. For one, it minimizes the amount of obstacles for users to make use of what producers create. The only thing that users need to be concerned with is donning a headset instead of setting up a particular software. WebVR has great reach and browsing with it is faster and more straightforward compared to mobile apps.

One thing that designers and graphic artists need to keep in mind is that contemporary web design does not always concentrate on webpages any longer, whether they can be opened through desktop or mobile means. These days, designers need to look out for more discerning factors and decide on what trends they need to keep track of and use methods that they can apply depending on how it will have an effect on the user’s experience.

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