One can’t call themselves a brand except other people think they are. People have to relate to your brand on an intellectual and emotional level. A logo of the company is not a brand, but the story behind it.

Powerful brands create an individual emotion with a product, business or even a person. So, you can only be a brand if you can approach people and create an impression and an experience that last for an extended period. The core of a brand lies in people’s different, subjective interpretation of the name in connection with their personal perception of the world. It is, hence, clear that one need to know their audience before beginning to communicate the right way with them through branding. You need to be prepared to involve and influence your audience and compose the right experience that will meet their needs and expectations. There are different ways of connection: people can interact with a brand, behave like a brand, aspire to be like a brand, admire the brand, trust or become a part of the Brand.

Now the most crucial question is: how do we do that?

Nowadays, there are so several ways to communicate with your audience that you need to use more than one to stand out. It’s more than just a choice now between creating a website, a commercial, a flyer, organizing an event, or using mobile as a communication medium. It’s about the means you communicate because most of the time you need to use all the mediums. The method through which one should communicate has become a critical part of branding. You need to distinguish yourself from your rivals. That is why you are required to create a trusted experience behind your brand.

The brand experience is all about appeal and memorability. Before you can generate an experience you are required to understand people, know how you can build a connection to get in touch with their desires. But to get all this done there are various strategies and theories about how to reach there, but none of them will accurately tell you what suits your brand best. It is a psychological process you must accomplish to be successful. Of course, information is a part of the process because it will encourage you to get there in a more productive way. Moreover, every brand wants to create an own well-defined and unique way.

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