Android: First Selection For Mobile App Businesses

With the availability of various OS programs out there, it is quite tough to choose one. But Android continues the first choice of developers. So let’s find out what makes Android the first selection of every designer.

There are many platforms available out there as the technology is progressing and it has become hard to determine the best one. However, among the various accessible in the market, Android is just spectacular, and there are all excellent reasons to say so.

Since 2015, the Android ecosystem is developing at a faster pace, and there are multiple of business out there supporting Android Application Development to tap their share from the exceptional app market.

Needless to say, there are endless reasons so let’s review.

Android supports multiple devices

It’s quite obvious that Android is ruling the mobile market at the moment; though, what’s the reason behind the same. The point is that Android OS has the support of the immense assortment of Smartphone’s and tablets all around the world.

As we speak of customer purchase, Google has its extraordinary business tactics, and a recent study even started that Android owes the largest share of 79% in the Smartphone market worldwide.

Marshmallow: Introduction

Google Inc recently launched the latest version of Android OS, i.e. Marshmallow and this took the tech world by surprise.

It even brought great joy to those involved in Android app development. The new OS introduced significant and well-justified variations in the manner Android devices purpose.

So here we review few of the best features of Android 6.0, famed as Marshmallow.

Now Android users can use ‘Doze’ feature which lowers battery consumption and doesn’t limit the functioning.
In Marshmallow It has noticeably improved in the arena of the virtual digital support of Google.

Google’s Android development team went on to enhance the functionality of ‘App Drawer’ from Lollipop. With this app, the search has turned a lot simpler, and vertical listing made the scrolling via apps a lot faster and enjoyable.

Marshmallow even offers an excellent feature in the form of predictive apps that traces on your app usage pattern putting most regularly used apps at the top in the app search results.

Just tap to play Google Now, that’s Google’s Voice Search, and you are going to be amazed by finding the vast improvement in the way it answers to your words.

Android Pay – Tap to Pay

Ever since its launch in 2015 fall, Android Pay has achieved exceptional prominence and runs well on multiple Android devices. About 1 million locations around the United States are currently promoting tap and make payments via Android Pay.

Now, numerous users and merchants plan on joining this Google’s fastest mobile payment community by the end of 2016.

Android Wearables

Smart wearables are now in the class of their own as they consist a lot more, like virtual reality headsets, health monitors, and Smart watches. This way Google gives an immense competition to its market competitor Apple in the platform of Wearable technology.

Astonishingly, Android smart watches and Google Glass enjoyed the incredible response from the tech-lovers all over the world.

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